"To put it simply – you Simply are the Best!!  Working with you was a pleasure.  The process of watching what I imaged in my mind become a reality that was even better than I pictured was amazing.  I appreciate your hard work and efforts during a time when your health wasn’t at its best.  You never used that as an excuse, but delivered the outfit on time as promised, and it was perfection.  It’s hard to believe that you made it based on measurements from a fellow seamstress (who crafts Saddleseat wear), and it fit me to a “T” – all without a single fitting.  When trying on the jacket for the first time, a gentleman walking by your booth remarked – “It looks like it was made for you.”  How right he was!!!  Thank you so much.  I truly do not have the words to express the satisfaction on the finished product and the quality of the craftsmanship.  You stand alone and you are Simply the Best.


Thanks again for ALL your hard work!!"  ~ Lisa 




"IT'S HERE!!!  Fits like a dream.  Absolutely stunning!  Where did you get the turquoise stones in case I need to replace any?  I'm going try to put the starburst pattern on my hatband to finish the look.  Will be sending pictures when I show him.  Thanks so much!  Will definitely be recommending you to everyone."  ~ Vicki




"We were taken aback by your concern of what I really wanted. There was professionalism, politeness and very little pressure to do a sale, but one of what the customer wanted. Through your guidance I was able to make really important "informed" decisions, not a mere "Yeah, that will do", but really, really what will look and serve ME the best. That attitude is refreshing..." ~ Michael and Laura Kayhoe




"Dear Cindi...the western outfit is fabulous...the compliments just keep coming." ~ Pam Blesh




"The Chaps are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I will have to send you my other chaps for some updating after seeing these. Thanks sooooo much!!!" ~ Susan




 "My Dearest Cindi...I am really unable to put into words just how much my outfit means to me. I am absolutely overjoyed by the artful manner in which you executed the design down to the finest details....thank you is just not enough." ~ Love, DME

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